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Tomasz. Małgorzata.

As one might expect, they met in law collage. Then, hey remet in a law office where they gained their first experience together and replaced theory with practice. Together they took legal advisor exams, together they raised their daughters. Together, for many years they’ve been running their own law office, complementing their competences and various male-female approaches to law and business:

Fascinated by new technology, Tomasz specializes in IT. Małgorzata focuses on business related to creation, art and innovation. Tomasz: controlled and focused, always looking for weak spots; Małgorzata: energetic and optimistic, always looking for new solutions and possibilities – partners in life and at work.

They believe that LGL in a special place, because it brings together three complementary areas of intellectual property: legal advice, mediation and branding advice. It’sbased on knowledge, creation, innovation and technology.

Thanks to 20 years of experience in the IP field different areas of interest and different perspectives, they managed to create a company that offers holistic solutions for creative, innovative clients, in times in which technology becomes art and art mingles with technology. They believe that choosing a professional specialization that coincides with their personal interests means total dedication and blurring of the boundaries between work and passion, the same way the boundary between a client and a friend who needs help is blurred.

Tenement under an angel.

There are places in our office that have been touched by human hands for over 100 years. Squeaky ash stave floor that still remembers Baczyński’s bricks – those that survived the bombing and those obtained from the ruins of destroyed Warsaw used to fill bullet holes.

The staircase still needs renovation: old, crooked, build in hurry stairs where all steps are different heights – they are waiting to be reconstructed. “Tenement under an angel” was built for Paweł Tuskier in 1911, by two architects: Józef Napoleon Czerwiński and Wacław Heppen. It changed its owners many times throughout the history. It’s situated on Mokotowska street, between Koszykowa and Piękna streets. It stands out due to its pastel gray-blue Art Nouveau façade, rich ornamentation and an enormous angel sculpture, that carries the top floor balcony on its wings.

Bądźmy w kontakcie

Podaj nam swoje imię i adres mailowy, jeśli chcesz otrzymywać wiadomości na temat nowych publikacji na naszych blogach o praktycznych aspektach własności intelektualnej (IP), ciekawych wydarzeniach, nowych usługach, wzorach, e-bookach czy narzędziach do zarządzania IP, warsztatach, szkoleniach i spotkaniach tematycznych.

Wyrażam zgodę na przesyłanie mi informacji handlowych na podany przeze mnie adres, przez Lewandowski Gradek Lewandowska sp.p. radców prawnych z siedzibą w Warszawie, ul. Mokotowska 41/2B NIP: 7010438256

Pod linkiem https://lgl-iplaw.pl/polityka-prywatnosci/ znajdziesz informacje na temat przetwarzania danych osobowych.