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I would spend the eighth day of the week on a long journey … with my daughters and husband, visiting art galleries and museums, trying the local cuisine, drinking red vine, listening to flamenco, going on long walks with our dog – Tilia and reading good books in the company of our cat – Perseus – and a nice bowl of chocolate ice cream

Małgorzata Gradek-Lewandowska

Lawyer since 2001, certified mediator, entered on the National Bar Association list, court mediator entered on the list of permanent mediators of Regional Courts in Warsaw, Katowice and Gdańsk, Małgorzata specializes in IP laws.In business for over 20 years.

For years she had been working with Clifford Chance law office; conducts classes for applicants at the Warsaw Bar Association; she is a graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw, the Faculty of Journalism and Political Sciences at the Institute of International Relations of the University of Warsaw, Postgraduate Studies in Copyright, Publishing and Press Law at the Institute of Intellectual Property Law of the Jagiellonian University, the British Centre for English and European Legal Studies – the British government Know-How Fund and Law Faculty Cambridge University, Schools of Spanish and European Law at the University of Castilla-La Mancha andpost-graduate studies at Lazarski University “Business negotiations and mediation”.

She advises and represents clients during negotiations, conducts litigation as an attorney-in-fact and mediator in matters of industrial property, such as copyrights, patents, trademarks, IP laws, combating unfair competition and violations of intellectual property rights, legal aspects of commercialization, R&D, management of intangible goods, legal protection of the brand, reputation, know-how, privacy, other personal rights, trade in luxury goods, consumer products and FMCG, legal issues concerning startups, e-commerce, new technologies, especially those related to finances (fintech), press and publishing, creative industry, media, telecommunication, personal data, IT projects support; she runs numerous trainings at entrepreneurs and in administration, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of National Defense and Polish Nacional Bank.

I would spend the eighth day of the week on a running track in the Kabacki forest in the company of the tireless Tilia, watching the next football match despite the wife’s protests, preparing another unearthly dish and absolutely the best cheesecake in the world with hot currant coating to the delight of my wife, family and friends … finally reading good books alone ….

Tomasz Lewandowski

Lawyer since 2001, entered on Warsaw Bar Association list under number WA 4647; in business since 1994, specializes in ICT.

He has many years of experience in drafting and negotiating contracts for the implementation, development, integration and maintenance of IT solutions, both with regard to software and hardware infrastructure, legal services for the development and maintenance of IT systems, including CRM, PRM, billing systems, passporting systems, data warehouses, portals.

He negotiates contracts for construction, extension and maintenance of a data centers, contracts for the purchase and maintenance of hardware and software infrastructure, collocation agreements; he took part in contracting services for the development and maintenance of the largest integrated environment in Poland.

He offers legal support to entrepreneurs both at the stage of concluding the contract and during the performance of contracts, change management and renegotiation of contracts. Many years of experience in this area means not only theoretical knowledge but, above all, a practical and unconventional approach aimed at finding opportunities to solve emerging problems. Thanks to this, he is able to work for both contracting authorities and IT suppliers.


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Wyrażam zgodę na przesyłanie mi informacji handlowych na podany przeze mnie adres, przez Lewandowski Gradek Lewandowska sp.p. radców prawnych z siedzibą w Warszawie, ul. Mokotowska 41/2B NIP: 7010438256

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